Vibrating Feeling in Stomach While Pregnant – 10 Causes

| Reviewed By Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Upon discovering your pregnancy, you may become more delicate and attuned to internal changes within your body.

You notice every rumble or fluttering feeling and wonder if that could possibly be your baby moving inside. 

When you hear of a baby moving inside of the womb, it is often described as a flutter or something more obvious, like a kick or a tap. So what about those strange vibrations you feel?

It is common to feel a vibrating sensation in your belly while pregnant. All fetal movements feel different, and it is possible for them or other pregnancy-related symptoms to feel like a vibration. It could be due to the baby’s developing nervous system, umbilical cord movement, or baby stretching.

Let’s look at some potential causes of that vibrating sensation you may feel in your pregnant tummy. 

Causes of Vibrating Feeling When Pregnant

There are many possible causes behind that vibrating feeling. These are some of the most common pregnancy factors that might cause that strange sensation. 

1. Quickening

Quickening, which usually happens around 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, is when a mother starts to feel her baby’s movements in the womb.

The movements are still too small for others to notice, but the mother often feels a fluttering, bubbling, or pulsing sensation as her tiny baby begins to move around inside. 

2. Normal Baby Movements

Baby movements will feel different throughout the pregnancy. Early in pregnancy, in the first few trimesters, the baby’s movements may feel like a vibrating or pulsing sensation.

However, as their baby grows, mothers will feel thumping or jolting movements when their baby is being active. 

3. Baby’s Developing Nervous System

As your little baby’s nervous system develops, they may twitch, shake, arch, and curl their body in the womb.

To you, these movements may feel like small vibrations. The neural connections that permit these movements are formed by the sixth week of pregnancy. 

4. Baby Hiccups

Babies do get hiccups in the womb as they begin practicing their breathing. The hiccups are often felt by mama too!

Hiccups can feel like little taps in your stomach or like little pulsing motions.

5. Baby Stretching

Babies move around A LOT in the womb, especially when they are small and there is plenty of wiggle room around them.

The vibrating or unusual feeling you feel occasionally could just be your little one stretching his tiny limbs. 

6. Umbilical Cord Movement

The amniotic fluid in your womb allows the baby and the cord to move about freely.

Sometimes, your baby may get tangled in the cord and will need to move around to wiggle free. Sometimes, if your baby is big enough, you will feel these movements inside your belly. 

7. Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic contractions and relaxation of the uterine muscle.

They are often referred to as “false labor” pains because they feel like mini contractions. Even though they can be painful, these contractions are harmless. 

8. Uterine Spasms

As your baby grows, the uterus and round ligament stretch to support him. Sometimes, this stretching motion can cause spasms in the round ligament, which often feels like a cramp or pulling sensation on one side of your abdomen. 

9. Irritable Uterus

It’s a lot of work for your uterus to support a pregnancy! Irritable uterus is a condition that can cause your uterus to twitch at random times.

While it is harmless, it can be uncomfortable resulting in painless and irregular spasms. 

10. Baby Trying To Move Out of Uncomfortable Position

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby will get tighter and tighter in the womb with less room to move around.

They may begin to get uncomfortable and will move around a lot to find the most comfortable position.

You will likely feel (and sometimes see!) these movements. They often cause an unusual sensation in your belly that may feel like vibrating, poking, or rolling. 

A pregnant lady in white sitting on the couch holding her stomach.

When To Be Concerned About Fetal Movement

As you progress through your pregnancy and especially during the last trimester, you get accustomed to your baby’s movement patterns.

You know the times of day that they are typically most active, and you know what is “normal” for them in terms of when they move and how often. 

Temporary quiet periods do happen, and they often mean that your baby is sleeping.

However, if you notice any significant increase or decrease in fetal movement from day to day or any other abnormal changes in your baby’s movement patterns, it could be a signal of a more serious problem.

In these cases, it is important to get medical attention right away. 

Otherwise, as long as you feel regular movement and your kick counts are consistent, there is no need to worry. 

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Closing Thoughts 

Hypersensitivity to feelings in the stomach is totally normal during pregnancy, and it is also normal to feel some unusual sensations in there as you grow your baby.

Fortunately, you can rest assured knowing that a vibrating sensation is a common feeling and usually means that your baby is developing well and thriving!