204 Best Middle Names for Ava: Naming Your Baby Girl Wisely

The most popular middle names for Ava are as follows:

  • Ava Jade
  • Ava Faith
  • Ava Quinn
  • Ava Kate
  • Ava Nicole
  • Ava Simone
  • Ava Soleil
  • Ava Juliet
  • Ava Francesca
  • Ava Ottilie

Ava is both classic and fresh, and because of its short and sweet length, it’s a name that works well with many others.

However, it’s important to think carefully about your child’s name as it will have lifelong impacts. 

Psychology Today shares the following:

  • People are often quick to make assumptions based solely on a name. 
  • Your name may influence where you live, your chosen career, and even what you look like.
  • Choosing a relatively unpopular vs. popular name may lead to your child either fitting in or standing out.

Try not to feel pressured when choosing your child’s name, despite the gravity of the decision.

The process should be fun, and one day your daughter will want to hear the story of how her name came to be.

If you want to find the perfect middle name for your little Ava, check out our 200+ suggestions below and our top tips for choosing a great middle name (and what not to do!).

Ava Name Meaning

Ava is a popular name that consistently ranks high in the top baby girl name charts. The name Ava means different things in different languages.

Ava comes from the Latin avis, meaning “bird” or “bird-like.”

In Hebrew, Ava and Eva derive from the name Havva meaning “life.” In the Persian language, Ava means “sound” and “voice.”

One-Syllable Middle Names for Ava

  • Ava Spring
  • Ava Rose
  • Ava Sage
  • Ava Peace
  • Ava Sloane
  • Ava Pearl
  • Ava Grace
  • Ava Paige
  • Ava Sky
  • Ava Quinn
  • Ava Wren
  • Ava Ray
  • Ava Vale
  • Ava Pam
  • Ava Tess
  • Ava Jane
  • Ava Kat
  • Ava Lou
  • Ava Cass
  • Ava May
  • Ava Jay
  • Ava Liv
  • Ava Beth
  • Ava Jazz
  • Ava Lee
  • Ava Claire
  • Ava Jill
  • Ava Kay
  • Ava Mae
  • Ava Drew
  • Ava Kate
  • Ava Jade
  • Ava Nell
  • Ava Bee
  • Ava Sam
  • Ava Dove
  • Ava Joy
  • Ava Jo
  • Ava Ruth
  • Ava Neve
  • Ava Britt
  • Ava Shae
  • Ava Belle
  • Ava Teal
  • Ava Rain
  • Ava Bette
  • Ava Bree
  • Ava Faith
  • Ava Snow
  • Ava Reese
  • Ava Fern
  • Ava Neamh

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Two-Syllable Middle Names for Ava

  • Ava Sarah
  • Ava Lucy
  • Ava Poppy
  • Ava Charlotte
  • Ava Ivy
  • Ava Scarlet
  • Ava Mila
  • Ava Vicky
  • Ava Simone
  • Ava Harper
  • Ava Catherine
  • Ava Lily
  • Ava Posey
  • Ava Aiden
  • Ava Mia
  • Ava Margot
  • Ava Becca
  • Ava Olive
  • Ava Nova
  • Ava Ella
  • Ava Katy
  • Ava Harlow
  • Ava Luna
  • Ava Florence
  • Ava Isla
  • Ava Hazel
  • Ava Noah
  • Ava Amy
  • Ava Asher
  • Ava Cosette
  • Ava Sophie
  • Ava Nicole
  • Ava Emma
  • Ava Darcey
  • Ava Stacey
  • Ava Margaret
  • Ava Caitlyn
  • Ava Violet
  • Ava River
  • Ava Jamie
  • Ava Courtney
  • Ava Sammy
  • Ava Aspen
  • Ava Piper
  • Ava Lexie
  • Ava Renae
  • Ava Sandy
  • Ava Astrid
Parents dressed in black holding their newborn who is dressed in white with a white bow on her head.

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Ava

  • Ava Matilda
  • Ava Juliet
  • Ava Elena
  • Ava Coralie
  • Ava Harriet
  • Ava Christina
  • Ava Aria
  • Ava Emily
  • Ava Sierra
  • Ava Isabelle
  • Ava Liana
  • Ava Sophia
  • Ava Rebecca
  • Ava Harmony
  • Ava Elodie
  • Ava Nicola
  • Ava Genevive
  • Ava Evelyn
  • Ava Brianna
  • Ava Savannah
  • Ava Imogen
  • Ava Aurora
  • Ava Jacinda
  • Ava Louisa
  • Ava Ellory
  • Ava Mackenzie
  • Ava Leonie
  • Ava Vivian
  • Ava Waverly
  • Ava Cassidy
  • Ava Melody
  • Ava Felicia
  • Ava Priscilla
  • Ava Natalie
  • Ava Madison
  • Ava Juniper
  • Ava Mirabelle
  • Ava Talisa
  • Ava Clarissa
  • Ava Paloma
  • Ava Rosalind
  • Ava Camilla
  • Ava Dorothy
  • Ava Valentine
  • Ava Naomi
  • Ava Caroline
  • Ava Francesca
  • Ava Jennifer
  • Ava Emeline
  • Ava Adelaide
  • Ava Rosalie
  • Ava Alison

Unique & Beautiful Middle Names for Ava

  • Ava Valencia
  • Ava Journey
  • Ava Thea
  • Ava Anai
  • Ava Everest
  • Ava Avalon
  • Ava Trinity
  • Ava Jewel
  • Ava Ondine
  • Ava Artemis
  • Ava Delta
  • Ava Esme
  • Ava Echo
  • Ava Ottilie
  • Ava Cecily
  • Ava Liesl
  • Ava Fleur
  • Ava Odessa
  • Ava Unice
  • Ava Constance
  • Ava Patience
  • Ava Soleil
  • Ava Kehlani
  • Ava True
  • Ava Jadis
  • Ava Quill
  • Ava Stormy
  • Ava Crystal
  • Ava Juno
  • Ava Nor
  • Ava Promise
  • Ava Imani
  • Ava Halo
  • Ava Opal
  • Ava Havana
  • Ava Moon
  • Ava Suri
  • Ava Clio
  • Ava Haven
  • Ava Peyton
  • Ava Royal
  • Ava Nox
  • Ava Starr
  • Ava Fable
  • Ava Bristol
  • Ava Eden
  • Ava Ireland
  • Ava Chi
  • Ava Bronte
  • Ava Aniya
  • Ava Willow
  • Ava Amber

Names Like Ava

  • Eva
  • Avi
  • Aria
  • Lara
  • Clara
  • Nova
  • Alia
  • Eve
  • Anna
  • Avery
  • Ada

Nicknames for Ava

  • Avie
  • Avy
  • Vi/Vie
  • Aves
  • Avory
  • Ives
  • Ays
  • Via
  • Vives
A newborn posed on a bed with a white blanket.

Key Tips When Choosing a Middle Name for Your Baby

Of course, what you decide to name your baby is totally up to you, but if you need some help deciding on the perfect name, follow these tips:

1. Look Up the Meaning

Ava carries beautiful meanings, but your chosen middle name may not.

Be sure to research the meaning and origin of the name you are considering to find out if it is flattering (or, at the very least, not insulting).

2. Make Sure You Are Both on Board

Not everyone in your family circle has to love the middle name, but it’s essential that you and your significant other are on the same page.

Middle names may not be referenced as often as first and last names, but neither of you should feel stuck with it.

3. Consider the Flow & Rhythm

Does your chosen middle name flow smoothly with the first and last name? Is there a chance it sounds clunky or dull? Is it a bit of a mouthful?

Try saying the full name out loud several times, and look at it written down.

A mix of syllables can make for a beautiful name, e.g., Ava Elizabeth Mason (2-4-2), but too many or too few syllables can have the opposite effect, e.g., Ava Ann Dunne or Ava Persephone Carrington.

4. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Often, parents choose a middle name they love only to change their minds later after hearing criticism from loved ones.

If you find a name you cherish, keep it a secret until after the birth (especially an unusual or unique name).

Sharing an adored middle name with your social circle may invite criticism that plagues you for months, turning you off the name altogether.

Our advice is to play your baby name card close to your chest!

Considerations When Deciding on a Middle Name

Finding middle names that go with Ava should be a fun journey that you will look back on fondly one day.

Ava is a classic name, so it should be paired with a name that never goes out of style. Other considerations include:

  • The popularity of your favorite names: Middle names are special and personal, but if you pick one from the top 10 girls’ names of that year, your daughter could share her moniker with half her school peers.
  • Do you want more than one middle name? If you can’t decide on just one middle name, maybe two or even three short names could work. Multiple middle names can have a lovely ring (as long as you consider the flow we mentioned earlier).
  • The consistency of meanings: If it bothers you that the meaning of the first name directly opposes that of the middle name, consider changing one of them so that there is consistency.

Where To Look for Baby Name Inspiration

You can find inspiration for middle names almost anywhere if you know where to look! Name ideas could come from:

  • Your favorite destination or hometown
  • Favorite sports team
  • Much-loved actor/singer/literary character
  • Grandparents and family members
  • Family tree
  • Your baby’s sibling or cousin (it never hurts to ask the kids in your life!)
  • Favorite flower
  • Favorite song
  • First names that didn’t make the cut
  • Historical figures

Things To Avoid When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Finding a name combo for your baby girl is an important task, and your daughter will likely carry the name for many years.

For your daughter’s sake, please avoid making these common naming mistakes:

  • Naming without considering the initials: Ava Sarah Sampson sounds fine… until you see the initials written down.
  • Choosing hard-to-pronounce names: Not only will teachers and other kids struggle to pronounce or spell names with Xs or multiple silent letters, but your child may be unable to master their own name for several years.
  • Using names already claimed in the family circle: If there are already two people with the name Amelia (first or middle name) in your family, it’s best to go in a new direction.
  • Choosing faddy names: Celebrity baby names and trendy monikers often fall out of favor. Unique is good, but weird names will not stand the test of time.