Best Middle Names for Evelyn | 204 Perfect Pairing Ideas

The following list ranks the most popular middle names for the name Evelyn:
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  • Evelyn Rose
  • Evelyn Brianna
  • Evelyn Marie
  • Evelyn Amanda
  • Evelyn Isabelle
  • Evelyn Milan
  • Evelyn Bethany
  • Evelyn Celeste
  • Evelyn Raine
  • Evelyn Brooke

Finding the perfect middle name for Evelyn doesn’t have to be difficult.

According to Time

“Today … middle names serve much the same purposes they always have:

They’re a way to keep family names going and thus preserve relationships; they’re a way to try something new or ‘put old names out to grass’ without cutting the cord entirely.”

You’re sure to find just the right name to go with Evelyn as you browse our huge lists below.

Choose a meaningful name or something unique—just be sure it blends well with your baby’s first and last name.

One-Syllable Best Middle Names for Evelyn

  • Evelyn Jo
  • Evelyn Jane
  • Evelyn Dawn
  • Evelyn Mae
  • Evelyn Grace
  • Evelyn Faith
  • Evelyn Gail
  • Evelyn Maeve
  • Evelyn June
  • Evelyn Lake
  • Evelyn Blair
  • Evelyn Kim
  • Evelyn Brooke
  • Evelyn Rose
  • Evelyn Bee
  • Evelyn Jewel
  • Evelyn May
  • Evelyn Fern
  • Evelyn Hope
  • Evelyn Blue
  • Evelyn Sage
  • Evelyn Claire
  • Evelyn Elle
  • Evelyn Reese
  • Evelyn Dot
  • Evelyn Beth
  • Evelyn Jay
  • Evelyn Rae
  • Evelyn Star
  • Evelyn Anne
  • Evelyn Bliss
  • Evelyn Skye
  • Evelyn Drew
  • Evelyn Pearl
  • Evelyn Fern
  • Evelyn Faye
  • Evelyn Lou
  • Evelyn Lee
  • Evelyn James
  • Evelyn Quinn
  • Evelyn Paige
  • Evelyn Leigh
  • Evelyn Ruth
  • Evelyn Wren
  • Evelyn Blake
  • Evelyn Gwen
  • Evelyn Jade
  • Evelyn Bree
  • Evelyn Sloane
  • Evelyn Belle
  • Evelyn Kate
  • Evelyn Joy

Two-Syllable Pretty Middle Names for Evelyn

  • Evelyn Audrey
  • Evelyn Marie
  • Evelyn Sophie
  • Evelyn Iris
  • Evelyn Rachel
  • Evelyn Lottie
  • Evelyn Catherine
  • Evelyn Louise
  • Evelyn Alex
  • Evelyn Ruby
  • Evelyn Nova
  • Evelyn Alice
  • Evelyn Christie
  • Evelyn Ria
  • Evelyn Daphne
  • Evelyn Mary
  • Evelyn Lina
  • Evelyn Celeste
  • Evelyn Stacey
  • Evelyn Harper
  • Evelyn Yvonne
  • Evelyn Jeanette
  • Evelyn Poppy
  • Evelyn Cecile
  • Evelyn Hazel
  • Evelyn Becca
  • Evelyn Vicky
  • Evelyn Suzanne
  • Evelyn Camille
  • Evelyn Phoebe
  • Evelyn Violet
  • Evelyn Kathleen
  • Evelyn Clarice
  • Evelyn Daisy
  • Evelyn Margot
  • Evelyn Heather
  • Evelyn Laurel
  • Evelyn Willow
  • Evelyn Julie
  • Evelyn Charlotte
  • Evelyn Holly
  • Evelyn Lilith
  • Evelyn Amy
  • Evelyn Lilac
  • Evelyn Ivy
  • Evelyn Edith
  • Evelyn Leela
  • Evelyn Willa
  • Evelyn Colette
  • Evelyn Danielle
  • Evelyn Leila
  • Evelyn Isla

Three-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Evelyn

  • Evelyn Madeline
  • Evelyn Amanda
  • Evelyn Amelie
  • Evelyn Madison
  • Evelyn Kimberly
  • Evelyn Lydia
  • Evelyn Isabelle
  • Evelyn Sienna
  • Evelyn Rosalie
  • Evelyn Stephanie
  • Evelyn Harriet
  • Evelyn Juliet
  • Evelyn Caroline
  • Evelyn Rosalind
  • Evelyn Adelaide
  • Evelyn Lilian
  • Evelyn Anabelle
  • Evelyn Sophia
  • Evelyn Jacqueline
  • Evelyn Mackenzie
  • Evelyn Eloise
  • Evelyn Carissa
  • Evelyn Aurora
  • Evelyn Carina
  • Evelyn Francesca
  • Evelyn Bethany
  • Evelyn Lilibeth
  • Evelyn Marianne
  • Evelyn Abigail
  • Evelyn Estella
  • Evelyn Savannah
  • Evelyn Imogen
  • Evelyn Emmeline
  • Evelyn Daniella
  • Evelyn Lavender
  • Evelyn Erica
  • Evelyn Addison
  • Evelyn Georgina
  • Evelyn Teresa
  • Evelyn Alexa
  • Evelyn Bianca
  • Evelyn Angelique
  • Evelyn Davina
  • Evelyn Dorothy
  • Evelyn Romily
  • Evelyn Genevieve
  • Evelyn Delilah
  • Evelyn Jacinda
  • Evelyn Brianna
  • Evelyn Allegra
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Unique Middle Names for Evelyn

  • Evelyn Oren
  • Evelyn Astrid
  • Evelyn Shea
  • Evelyn Brielle
  • Evelyn Snow
  • Evelyn Neamh
  • Evelyn Fleur
  • Evelyn Clover
  • Evelyn Birdie
  • Evelyn Lyra
  • Evelyn Olive
  • Evelyn Raine
  • Evelyn Ina
  • Evelyn Seraphine
  • Evelyn Opal
  • Evelyn Peach
  • Evelyn Lavonne
  • Evelyn Noelle
  • Evelyn Aspen
  • Evelyn Ophelia
  • Evelyn Cove
  • Evelyn Blythe
  • Evelyn Elodie
  • Evelyn Laine
  • Evelyn Aurelia
  • Evelyn Rue
  • Evelyn Audria
  • Evelyn Cosette
  • Evelyn Brielle
  • Evelyn Asher
  • Evelyn Linnea
  • Evelyn Ottilie
  • Evelyn Pixie
  • Evelyn Flora
  • Evelyn Odette
  • Evelyn Nell
  • Evelyn Autumn
  • Evelyn Isolde
  • Evelyn Dulce
  • Evelyn August
  • Evelyn Dale
  • Evelyn Henley
  • Evelyn Kenna
  • Evelyn Raven
  • Evelyn Hera
  • Evelyn Milan
  • Evelyn Imani
  • Evelyn Meadow
  • Evelyn India
  • Evelyn Storm

Names Like Evelyn

  • Evalyn
  • Everleigh
  • Evangeline
  • Ellen
  • Carolyn
  • Marilyn
  • Jaylen
  • Eleanor
  • Emmeline
  • Emerson
  • Emmanuel

Variations of the Name Evelyn

  • Everly
  • Ewaline (English)
  • Aveline
  • Eveline
  • Evelina
  • Aibhilín (Irish)
  • Éibhleann (Irish)

Nicknames for Evelyn

  • Ava
  • Evie
  • Eve
  • Eva
  • Lynn
  • Lynnie
  • Lina
  • Ev
  • Effie
  • Ellie

The Importance of a Middle Name

Though not everybody has one, middle names are important to those who wish to keep family names going into the next generation.

Middle names allow families to discard old or overused first names without losing them entirely.

Middle names are also helpful when it comes to identifying people, helping search engines or background screenings match your name among thousands of other results.

Meaning of Evelyn

As a diminutive of the biblical name Eve, Evelyn, of course, has its roots in Hebrew origins meaning “living” and “mother of all mankind” in the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Another derivation from the Germanic name Ava or Aveline is believed to mean “strength” and “little bird.”

Some speculate that Evelyn derives from the French name Aveline, which means “wished for.”

The British translation of the name is said to be “island” and “desired.”

Evelyn Name Popularity

Evelyn has enjoyed enormous popularity in recent years, ranking at number 9 for the most popular girl name in the US in 2020.

Evelyn currently remains very popular at the number 10 spot as of 2023.

The last time the name was this popular was in the early 20th century when it was also used as a male name with the arrival of famous English writer Evelyn Waugh.

It dipped in favor mid-century before rising up considerably in the 90s.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Middle Name

When trying to find the best middle name for your little Evelyn, you don’t have to rely solely on your own brain power.

There are plenty of places to turn to for help in brainstorming.

Consider the tips below, and don’t be afraid to run your ideas past a neutral third party for honest feedback.

1. Mix Things Up

Pair a traditional first name with a more unconventional middle name to arrive at the perfect name, such as Elizabeth Star.

If you have a unique, contemporary-sounding first name for your baby, pair it with a more conservative middle name for balance, like Luna Marie.

2. Choose a Top-Ranking Middle Name

Pay attention to the top-ranking middle names that year or from the last 5 years or so, and see if they flow well with their first name.

You might find that a recent popular name is exactly what you were looking for to pair beautifully with Evelyn.

3. Ask Family and Friends for Suggestions 

Perhaps relatives or friends have names they nearly used but didn’t or have always loved certain names from their childhood or favorite TV shows?

Don’t be afraid to ask (you can always politely veto them!).

Considerations When Deciding on a Middle Name

You’ve probably already put a lot of thought into your baby’s name, but be sure you don’t overlook the following considerations.

  • Think carefully about the initials (don’t make the mistake of spelling out a rude word or something kids and future employers could make a joke of!).
  • Consider the full name flow and rhythm — is it lyrical or too bland? Does it flow nicely? Say it out loud a few times to get a good idea.
  • Don’t choose a name too hard to pronounce or spell (i.e., avoid unnecessary extra letters like Aiemiie for Amy or Bekkah for Becca).
  • Consider sibling names and how well they might gel together.

Where To Look for Inspiration

There are plenty of places to look when you need inspiration!

A friend of mine enjoyed strolling through peaceful cemeteries reading headstones when searching for her daughter’s name!

If that’s not your thing, maybe one of these ideas will help:

  • Family names (on both partners’ family trees)
  • Your favorite plants or flowers
  • A place name that means a lot to you both — one of your hometowns or holiday destinations, perhaps?
  • Ask your baby’s sibling!
  • Your favorite author, actor, poet, singer, philosopher, etc.
  • A rewording of the name’s meaning

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