Middle Names for Blair: 204 Pretty Names That Pair Well

A few suitable choices for Blair’s middle name are:

  • Blair Reese
  • Blair Ellen
  • Blair Phoebe
  • Blair Addison
  • Blair Quinn
  • Blair Kinsley
  • Blair Gabrielle
  • Blair Logan
  • Blair Willow
  • Blair Avery

Browse the lists below to find the perfect middle name for Blair.

You’ll find everything from short and spiky modern suggestions to more lyrical and romantic-sounding girl names.

One-Syllable Middle Names for Blair

  • Blair Lynn
  • Blair Rae
  • Blair Lark
  • Blair Brynn
  • Blair Jo
  • Blair Dee
  • Blair Jade
  • Blair Paige
  • Blair Rain
  • Blair Quinn
  • Blair Eve
  • Blair Sky
  • Blair Anne
  • Blair Hayes
  • Blair Fii
  • Blair Maye
  • Blair Storm
  • Blair Maeve
  • Blair Drew
  • Blair Belle
  • Blair Tess
  • Blair Leigh
  • Blair Clove
  • Blair Bette
  • Blair Tess
  • Blair Rose
  • Blair Briar
  • Blair Faith
  • Blair Grace
  • Blair Sloane
  • Blair Bess
  • Blair Hope
  • Blair Ree
  • Blair Ash
  • Blair Greer
  • Blair Gayle
  • Blair Fern
  • Blair Kate
  • Blair Kit
  • Blair Dove
  • Blair Jules
  • Blair West
  • Blair Fleur
  • Blair Jean
  • Blair Joy
  • Blair Liv
  • Blair Jane
  • Blair Reese
  • Blair Pearl
  • Blair Lark
  • Blair Reeve
  • Blair Brooke

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Blair

  • Blair Frances
  • Blair Alice
  • Blair Ashleigh
  • Blair Celeste
  • Blair Darcy
  • Blair Jeanette
  • Blair Christine
  • Blair Poppy
  • Blair Aspen
  • Blair Judith
  • Blair Courtney
  • Blair Lisa
  • Blair Audrey
  • Blair Charlotte
  • Blair Hadley
  • Blair Lily
  • Blair Adele
  • Blair Ingrid
  • Blair Ellen
  • Blair Estelle
  • Blair Heather
  • Blair Hailey
  • Blair Holly
  • Blair Kathryn
  • Blair Margot
  • Blair Megan
  • Blair Molly
  • Blair Daphne
  • Blair Sandra
  • Blair Louise
  • Blair Camille
  • Blair Jada
  • Blair Gisele
  • Blair Lucy
  • Blair Nessa
  • Blair Justine
  • Blair Danielle
  • Blair Nicole
  • Blair Renee
  • Blair Georgette
  • Blair Phoebe
  • Blair Zoe
  • Blair Sadie
  • Blair Therese
  • Blair Yasmin
  • Blair Rachel
  • Blair Olive
  • Blair Wendy

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Blair

  • Blair Athena
  • Blair Camilla
  • Blair Madison
  • Blair Fiona
  • Blair Bethany
  • Blair Callista
  • Blair Madelyn
  • Blair Helena
  • Blair Avery
  • Blair Violet
  • Blair Dorothy
  • Blair Emily
  • Blair Cassidy
  • Blair Amelie
  • Blair Avalon
  • Blair Emmeline
  • Blair Julia
  • Blair Francesca
  • Blair Sabrina
  • Blair Juliet
  • Blair Matilda
  • Blair Addison
  • Blair Melody
  • Blair Harmony
  • Blair Jillian
  • Blair Eliza
  • Blair Jennifer
  • Blair Christina
  • Blair Vanessa
  • Blair Jessica
  • Blair Miranda
  • Blair Naomi
  • Blair Susannah
  • Blair Anabelle
  • Blair Alexa
  • Blair Paloma
  • Blair Kimberley
  • Blair Rebecca
  • Blair Caroline
  • Blair Bernadette
  • Blair Henriette
  • Blair Lilabeth
  • Blair Gabrielle
  • Blair Georgina
  • Blair Lilian
  • Blair Vivian
  • Blair Elina
  • Blair Catherine
  • Blair Evelyn
  • Blair Diana
  • Blair Samara
  • Blair Elanor
  • Blair Ariel

Unique Middle Names for Blair

  • Blair Elodie
  • Blair Alicia
  • Blair Marianne
  • Blair Margaux
  • Blair Odette
  • Blair Cordelia
  • Blair Morganne
  • Blair Jet
  • Blair Juniper
  • Blair Harper
  • Blair Ophelia
  • Blair Presley
  • Blair Francine
  • Blair Noelle
  • Blair Sage
  • Blair Tabitha
  • Blair Elise
  • Blair Willow
  • Blair Marlee
  • Blair Wren
  • Blair Raelynn
  • Blair Delaney
  • Blair Maci
  • Blair Teagan
  • Blair Zariah
  • Blair Faith
  • Blair Ayla
  • Blair Andrea
  • Blair Kinsley
  • Blair Thea
  • Blair Ayley
  • Blair Dior
  • Blair Logan
  • Blair Jolene
  • Blair Meadow
  • Blair Valerie
  • Blair Remi
  • Blair Makayla
  • Blair Lexi
  • Blair Mariana
  • Blair Camryn
  • Blair Lilith
  • Blair Aubrey
  • Blair Charlee
  • Blair Haisley
  • Blair Yvette
  • Blair Arya
  • Blair Evangeline
  • Blair Jocelyn
  • Blair Brenna
  • Blair Daliah
New parents holding their newborn daughter with red hair.

Names Like Blair

  • Blayr
  • Blaire
  • Claire
  • Briar
  • Brynn
  • Barrett
  • Blaise
  • Blake
  • Jair
  • Brett
  • Belle
  • Bellarosa
  • Bailey
  • Ballarie
  • Balor
  • Baler
  • Balery
  • Baleria
  • Blaine
  • Blythe
  • Bree
  • Brinley
  • Flair
  • Brianna

Blair Name Meaning

The name Blair has medieval Scottish roots and derives from the Gaelic word blàr meaning “meadow,” “field,” “dweller on the plain,” and also “child of the field.”

Gaelic translations such as this lend a kind of peaceful and free-spirited vibe to this beautiful name, making it somehow soft and strong simultaneously.

Tips for Deciding on the Perfect Baby Name

Ponder the following tips and advice before making a final decision. You never know what may inspire you or take some pressure off!

Consider Family Heritage

A wonderful way to pick a baby name that is both unique and holds a special meaning for you is to draw inspiration from your cultural background.

If you’re not entirely sure of your background, there are plenty of popular ancestry DNA kits to help you explore your family roots and perhaps inspire a baby name that preserves a forgotten tradition.

Keep Initials in Mind

Often overlooked in all the excitement of baby naming is how the full name will look on paper.

Does the name produce an unfortunate set of initials that could spell embarrassment and endless teasing potential in the future?

For example, Kate Kirsty Kristofferson or Anne Stephany Sommers—need we say more?

Remember – It’s Okay To Wait!

Our final word of advice would be to avoid putting too much pressure on arriving at the perfect name.

While some parents might have had their perfect girl and boy names picked out since elementary school, there are plenty of people who won’t have a name pinned down until they get to know their little ones.

The worst thing you can do is to rush the baby name selection, only to feel stuck with it once you see their name on official documentation or hear your family and friends repeat it out loud.

Don’t be afraid to take your time with it.

Things To Avoid When Choosing a Name

Naming your child should not be taken lightly. Seriously consider the following before committing to a certain name.

There’s nothing wrong with your child having a well-liked name, but if you don’t like the idea of them being one of 10 Emmas or Rileys in their classroom, avoid picking a name from a list of the most popular suggestions.

Preserve Individuality (If Naming Multiples)

If you’re expecting twins or triplets, we get that some quirky combinations may seem too cute to resist (Salt and Pepper or Sugar Plum and Fairy).

While these names may seem fun and creative in the moment, spare a thought for your children as grown-ups—they’re not part of a set or two halves of a whole. They’re individuals!

The same holds true even if you’re only expecting one baby.

Their name doesn’t have to rhyme with their sibling’s name, be a variation of your grandma’s name, etc.

Celebrate their uniqueness from the beginning, and save the cutesy names for nicknames.

Don’t Broadcast It in Advance

For the most part, friends and relatives are likely to be kind and courteous when it comes to your chosen baby name, but there can be those with unsolicited opinions and harsh criticisms of the name (even if only said in a joking way).

So, if you have your heart dead set on a name, keep it secret until the baby’s birth to prevent it from becoming tainted.